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    If there was anyone who helped me become a better programmer, it was my first tyrant boss, who was a complete asshole. I adopted his practices: write out what you want your program to do. What is its purpose? What does it do? How does it operate? Who will use it? Why? What will they pay for it? What will it look like? What pages will it have? Does it need these pages? And a bunch of other questions. It really helps to save a ton of time and keep you on focus.


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                众所周知,如果你不把 linux 的 locale 设置为 zh_CN,你的 Noto Sans CJK 字体显示的字形将是日本字形(不同字形的区别可以在此处简单了解)。如果你不想设置 locale,就需要通过 fontconfig 将 Noto Sans CJK SC 的优先级调到 Noto Sans CJK JP 之前。

                以上说明的只是 fontconfig 的一种用法,而本人的需求更为特殊,我想要让中文字体在样式为斜体时默认渲染为楷体(看不惯机器生成的倾斜汉字)。之前在互联网上找了一圈也没发现有现成的方案,只好自己动手改 fontconfig 了。而本文和其译者的另一文章则是我在中文互联网上找到的关于 fontconfig 最详细的资料,故分享给大家。

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                  如果追求极致的性能,作者的实现方式确实是有效的,clean code, 设计模式都可以不管。 大部分情况性能、可维护性、可扩展性等维度无法兼得。


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                      如果把这个目录放在 GitHub 上面,让更多人一起参与补充、修改,我想会对很多人有帮助。

                      简单搜了一下,找到一个项目 ( ),只收集 10 个单词就放弃了。

                      沪江日语网站里也有一些: 日语汉字与中文汉字意义大不同

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                          很受启发。ChatGPT 比大部分身边的对话伙伴知识更丰富,让它提出问题,与它对话,应该能发展很多新想法。

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                                        提示安装 app 已经够烦的了,又来了个通知。现在手机的通知几乎都关掉了。

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                                          Hacker News 上的一个回复

                                          As a former desktop developer, the reason is obvious to me. You have to be insane to deliberately choose a career as a specific platform desktop developer nowadays.

                                          Native desktop apps are:

                                          1. much harder to develop

                                          2. they are way more limiting in terms how things should be done

                                          3. are implemented completely different on each platform.

                                          It will take years to become proficient app developer on a single platform.

                                          And compare that to Electron:

                                          - you instantly have access to a huge, very dynamic community with tons of documentation.

                                          - web standards are battle tested and improve every year

                                          - your knowledge does not invalidate when developing for different platform (or when your UI framework just gets randomly abandoned: I’m looking at you Microsoft)

                                          - a lot of pain points solved much better for web that for standard UI libraries

                                          - you can apply your knowledge to web front-end development as well